Fullpower Market Successes and Opportunities:
AI-Powered Sensor-Fusion


The Fullpower Sleeptracker® and MotionX® patented ecosystems are the leading cloud-based IoT and AI PaaS and SaaS solutions. Fullpower's IP portfolio and expertise in life-cycle management for dynamic and complex distributed cloud-based AI and IoT solutions powered by data science gives our partners a considerable technology, IP, time-to-market, scalability, cost-structure and reliability advantage.

Three examples of successful technology and market deployments


Since 2010 Fullpower and Nike have enjoyed a technology licensing partnership. Fullpower builds algorithms and sensing intelligence optimized with machine and deep learning for Nike. "We took great care in evaluating sensing technologies and found the Fullpower technology platform to be superior." - President of Digital Sport at Nike

Simmons Serta Bedding

Serta Simmons Bedding is a licensee for the US and Canada of the Fullpower Sleeptracker AI-powered platform. The Sleeptracker AI-powered cloud platform provides Serta Simmons Bedding with the ability to turn any mattress into a smart bed. "To build the smart bed, we evaluated many potential technology partners and Fullpower’s PaaS technology platform and sensing stands out as the clear leader," - Michael Hofmann, Executive Vice President of Research & Innovation for Serta Simmons Bedding

MMT Swiss Connect

The MMT Swiss-Connect partnership is based on technology, patent licensing as well as technology transfers to accommodate the requirements of the "Swiss Made" rules for Swiss watches. MMT in turn its an industrial supplier to popular Swiss watch brands.

The Fullpower® patented cloud-based IoT technology platform, powered by AI and data science, includes the Sleeptracker® platform optimized for smart beds and digital sleep as well as the MotionX® platform optimized for connected objects and digital sports.