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Opos-Fullpower® Medical Solutions

We help put a check on the opioid epidemic.

Our goal is the safe and effective use of opioids for the treatment of pain.

We support patients and providers with 24/7 monitoring to enhance prescriber compliance and patient safety.

Monitor Patients
Providers Comply
AI to Intervene

OPOS-Fullpower® Solutions

Fullpower AI Cloud Based Features
  • Quality of Life is functional, determined by what you can do: sleep, walk, work, etc.
  • Maximizing function is the most important health outcome.
  • Monitoring function is the only way to improve care and safety.
  • Monitoring sleep needs to meet and exceed the gold standard Polysomnography.
  • Primary care physicians and specialists can only assess patients ~3-4 hrs per year.
  • OPOS-Fullpower® provides 24/7 of functional monitoring and engagement.
Fullpower AI Cloud Based Features

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Fullpower's Business-Model is Flexible, Business-to-Business, and Includes:

  • Complete technology transfers
  • Source code licensing
  • Long term technology maintenance
  • Strategic partnerships
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